I Want To Create A Home Entertainment System For Streaming What Cables Do I Buy?


Your home entertainment system is your reprieve from the outside world. It’s where you go to kick up your feet after a long day at work or school, giving you the escapism you so desperately need to mentally and emotionally unwind. When you feel like bumping up your set-up and creating something more advanced, it can be daunting knowing where to start. You have CAT cables, HDMI cables, phone accessories and plenty of other tools that you can choose from the pile. How to begin? Whether you want a place to stream movies or are thinking of streaming games online for your friends, look below to learn about the best options to choose from.

I Want To Stream Movies

So many movies, so little time. With a good entertainment system set-up, however, you won’t have to worry one bit about the quality of the films you take time off to watch. HDMI cables are a must-have and can be bought in a variety of lengths, from the 100 ft HDMI cable to the smaller 75 ft HDMI cable. Contrary to popular belief length doesn’t actually impact quality — it’s just a means to keep your set-up flexible so you can move around furniture and create the ideal space you need to relax. When streaming movies or games, however, you’ll also need to become familiar with the CAT.

I Want To Stream Games

For those that stream movies, games and shows, good Ethernet is what you need to watch worry-free. Which CAT5 cables you decide to get will depend on the frequency and intensity with which you stream your favorite media. The CAT5 is a good choice for most set-ups, though the CAT5e might be preferable for those that want higher quality at all times. HDMI cables also come in a variety of different formats, to boot, and you should choose the ones that support your lifestyle best. You have the HDMI Standard, HDMI Standard with Ethernet, the HDMI High Speed and the HDMI High Speed with Ethernet.

I Want To Multitask

Interested in doing multiple things at once with your entertainment system? You’ll probably want to use or charge your phone while watching movies or streaming shows. There are well over 100 million iPhone users in the United States as we speak, with studies showing an average of 395 iPhones sold every single minute. You could buy the USB 2.0 cable or the USB 3.0 data cable depending on your phone model, but make sure you throw out any frayed or damaged cell phone chargers. These notorious fire hazards are known for causing small to moderate fires, costing you hundreds and potentially putting you at risk for injury.

I Want To Save Money

Worried about a power outage? How about a storm messing with your electronics? A surge protector can seem like an extra accessory at the moment, but it’ll be a lifesaver if you end up unlucky while playing videogames or watching a live performance on a stormy night. Whole house surge protectors are designed from the ground to divert excess voltage from your home, with insurance claims around this damage exceeding a whopping $10,000. When you compare that to the $250 price tag for the main service panel protector, it’s something that will pay for itself in due time.

I Want To Create The Ultimate Home System

Your HDMI cables and CAT cables are the most important component. These decide the quality of your video as well as the speed of your Ethernet, allowing you to customize your set-up to your most minor detail. Consider higher speeds if you like to stream videogames and shows, with lower speeds fine for movies and basic television. The most common Ethernet cable used today is the 10 Mbps, with all Ethernet cables consisting of four twisted wires to prevent currents and interruptions. Your home entertainment system is one that should compliment your lifestyle, not hinder it, so be sure to buy the right tools so you can relax every time you come home.

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