How to Stop Your Phone’s Charger Cables From Breaking

When it comes to your power lightning cables, it is important to note that frayed cables are potentially dangerous to be around and expensive to replace. Whether you are using your power lightning cables with an iPhone or a USB-C cable with an Android phone, you need to know how to best handle the cables in order to prolong their life. Some of the most common mistakes that people make are hardly noticeable but the cost of frequently replacing your power lightning cables can be costly especially if there is an upgrade and the use of your cable becomes obsolete. For example, there is this tendency of pulling out a cable while it is still plugged to a device. While most people might not actually notice that they do that, suddenly pulling out a power lightning cable or a USB-C cable exerts undue pressure to the weakest point of the cable causing breakage. It is important that you always hold your cable before pulling it out.

Use Cable Protectors
There are different types of power lightning cables such as the cat5 cables, ethernet cables, cat6 ethernet cables, fiber optic cables and hdmi cables. All these cables have cable protectors as accessory to protect the weakest point such as the point where the cable is joined to the plastic or metal. When buying cable protectors, it is important that the protectors are made from flexible material such as rubber. This allows the cable to flex a little bit in the event that some pressure is applied. If the cable does not flex, the point of weakness is moved up higher by the protector. There is a wide variety of cable protectors available and it all depends with your device type and budget. If you are looking for a more homemade solution to protect your power lightning cables, you can add some springs to the collars as a way of adding tension while at the same time preventing the critical points of the cable from bending.

Repair Your Cables Early
One thing about frayed power lightning cables is that they are a huge risk if you continue using them even after they display signs of wear. The risk ranges from damaging the device that you are charging to an even greater risk of starting a fire in a worst-case scenario. To be on the safe side, always replace damaged cables. However, there are cables that can still be used even after signs of wear when the damage is not that extensive. If you are convinced that your cables aren’t too severely damaged, you can decide to repair the cables instead of throwing them away. This should only happen when the signs of wear do not expose the wiring. The best way of power lightning cable repair is by using an electrical heat-shrinking tube. The tubes are fitted to your existing wire and shrink to size once direct heat is applied on them. Using electrical heat-shrinking tubes can be beneficial as they can also double up as cable protectors thus enhancing the life of the cables.

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