How to Evolve Your Pharmacy with POS Systems


Medicine has a profound effect on the human body: if used correctly it can cure and help people; when used incorrectly it can harm or even kill people. Nearly half of all Americans have used some kind of prescription drug over the past 30 days; many of us rely on pharmacies to get every detail right. Many pharmacies have partnered with pharmacy software vendors to include more advanced and specialized pharmacy point of sale (POS) systems in their business to protect customers and build up their businesses to stay competitive in the industry — here’s what POS systems can do for your local pharmacy.

Protecting Your Customers

Studies estimate that 10% of hospitalizations result from incorrect medicine usage — there is no margin for error when people’s lives are at stake. A POS system can help pharmacies provide the highest-level of professional care for their customers by keeping thorough patient records; this includes a history of how patients are affected by medication. Other information includes secure payment options and signature capturing to ensure that customers can shop with confidence. It is believed that up to 10% of pharmaceutical meds in the United States is counterfeit; pharmacy POS systems ensure that medication comes only from trusted sources, giving customers added peace of mind.

Building Your Business

Although POS systems offer a myriad of benefits for
customers, the pharmacies themselves immediately reap the benefits from pharmacy software vendors. POS systems offer businesses with real-time reports of sales, allowing pharmacies to keep records of which products are beings sold and flag items for reorder. Pharmacy POS systems allow pharmacies to use gift cards, coupons, and customer points programs that can help ensure continued customer loyalty. Many of today’s modern POS systems are integrated with mobile devices like tablets, allowing employees to process sales from anywhere in the store. All of these features can help local pharmacies protect their customers and increase their sales. There’s no argument: pharmacy POS systems are the next evolution in customer service and business management.

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