How Can a Live Telephone Answering Service Improve Customer Satisfaction?


Customer service is by definition is the point at which customers interact with a business. The quality of customer service that a business provides can have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and thereby on revenues. Especially for businesses that have significant client interaction, like healthcare and medical device providers, trades and service professionals such as HVAC, plumbing, electric, contractors, etc., property management companies, professional service providers like law offices, accounting offices, etc., a live telephone answering service tells customers that their questions and issues are being addressed.

Quality customer service impacts business revenues
And conversely, when customers feel frustrated and disregarded, the business loses revenues. A live telephone answering service can make all the difference, as compared to an answering machine or even email customer service.
Researchers have found that companies can generate 60% higher profits by improving their customer service. Email doesn’t quite cut it, since it can only resolve about 27% of customer service problems and queries.

Why pick an after hours answering service?
A 24 hour answering service can provide a human touch in a highly digitized world. This can be very reassuring to a customer who calls with a question or problem. Having a friendly and helpful person respond to your call can make all the difference to the customer service experience.
As many as 59% of customers surveyed say that a bad customer service experience would lead them to switch brands. Good customer service can be as easy as adding a professional answering service to handle calls after hours or when staff are not available.

Customized and scalable business telephone answering services
One of the advantages of virtual receptionist services is that they provide customized solutions, for all kinds of businesses. Obviously, a Fortune 500 corporation has very different needs when it comes to a call handling service than a mom-and-pop contractor business or a father-and-son auto garage.
A live telephone answering service can be customized to fit the needs of each business, so there are no unnecessary add-ons that increase the costs. Further, the service is scalable, and can grow along with the business.

A live telephone answering service improves the customer experience, which has a direct impact on revenues. Returning and repeat customers are important for any business. Add to that the fact that word of mouth can often be the best advertisement.

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