Driving With a PTO Clutch The Facts

When it comes to understanding engines and the clutch system at a high level, most people are clueless. This type of knowledge is normally only obtained by people who work on cars every day of their lives. So as a result, the average driver may not quite understand the benefits of a PTO clutch. Here are some facts on driving with a PTO clutch.

First and foremost, it is important to understand what PTO stands for in the PTO clutch equation. PTO stands for Power Take Off and the name is a great representation of what the clutch system provides. For the most part, entanglements with the PTO system involve the tractor or machinery operator 78% of the time. So any error that occurs with this clutch is usually a user error as opposed to a problem with the clutch system.

Over the next ten years, experts have projected that the global market for Industrial Brakes and Clutches is going to reach nearly $1.7 billion in United States dollars. This is incredibly impressive and points to the growing automotive industry that is not going to go away anytime soon. So if you are investing in a new vehicle be sure to take a look at all your options including the PTO clutch.

The fastest growing market for Industrial Brakes and Clutches is the Asian-Pacific market. This market has a Compound Annual Growth Rate of nearly 8.5% over the time period in which experts analyzed all markets. So this means that the PTO clutch is a popular item in this market as it is reaching the forefront of the brake industry.

When it comes to the PTO clutch, impressive performance is the standard. The PTO and drive shaft will rotate at 540 rotations per minute which is equal to 9 times a second. It can operate at 1,000 rotations per minute when operating at the full recommended speed however as well. So this is going to provide drivers with an immense amount of power out on the open road.

To meet 121 stopping requirements, steer axle brakes have gone from 15×4 inches to 16½x5 inches, while drive-axle brakes stayed with a more unfavorable construction. Brakes are just as important as the PTO clutch and need to be able to match the power involved. Adoption percentages for air disc brakes vary: On trailers it’s 8 to 10%, on trucks and tractors it’s 12 to 15%.

Anyone that wants a premier driving experience needs to invest in an industrial clutch, a heavy duty clutch, heavy duty brakes, and other various performance parts. This will provide you with excellent driving power and brake power to match it. Then, you will have plenty of fun out on the open road!

In Conclusion

Every single year people buy cars and vehicles without knowing everything they should about the performance aspect of the said vehicle. Make sure you take time to consult with a professional to get the most out of your vehicle out on the road. Not only will this provide you with plenty of fun, it will help provide your car with a great life span!

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