Do You Have Unused Outdated Computers in Your Home?

There is a recent cartoon running its course that shows an obvious technician saying to a customer that he obviously does not know what a hard drive is. The answer is fast and funny: I have driven cross country with my wife three kids and a dog. I know what a hard drive is.

Whether you are from an older generation who has a definition of a hard drive that equals a long road trip or you are someone with a house that is starting to look like a graveyard of old televisions and computers, there will likely come a time when you will need to know how to dispose of old technology. Fortunately, there are computer recycling options that can help you clear out your home from the items that you no longer need.

Electronic Disposal Requirements Offer Guidelines that Are Often Confusing

In a time when technology changes every six months, it is not uncommon to have unused and outdated computers and other technology items sitting around a house or an office. And while many companies has a plan in place for computer disposal for businesses there are many times when personal home computers are more challenging to dispose of. Some cities may have specific sites that are available for drop off, but these usually come with at least some small fee. Other cities or private companies offer e-waste pick ups that help both home and business owners dispose of outdated technology.
No matter what the options are, it is important to make sure that consumers do as much as they can to follow the latest computer recycling trends so that less of this garbage ends up in a local dump. Not surprising, an estimated 34% of all electronic waste comes from IT sources, but home owners contribute their fair share as well. Currently, less than 22% of household trash is recycled in the U.S., and no one wants to think that all of our outdated electronics, including computers, are going to end up in a landfill

Most of use in today’s world know what a hard drive is, but we may still face a challenge when it comes time to dispose of old technology.

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