Do You Have Enough Ethernet Cables at Your Office and Home?


The network ethernet cable, phone chargers, surge protectors are the last items to be packed, and the first to come out of the box when the move is complete. In fact, whether it is a home owner going somewhere for Labor Day weekend or an entire office staff getting ready to relocate to a new space, the cords and chargers that keep us connected are so valuable that they are the last things we pack and the first things we unpack.
What good, for instance, would an entire set of desktop and laptop computers be if you did not have the network ethernet cables to connect them? What good would our cell phones and tablets be if we did not have the charging cables needed to keep them powered?
From HDMI highspeed cables to lightning cables, most of us could not do our jobs or live our lives without a source of power.
Is Your Company Looking to Place a Bulk Order for Network Ethernet Cables?
What is the cord that keeps you going during the day? Is it the charging cable for your phone? Is the work cable that connects to the other resources in your office? Whatever the source of your power is, you likely cannot imagine a day without having the connections that you need. And while many are taking an actual break from technology this Labor Day weekend, when Tuesday morning comes around we will be back to work, back to school, back to the technological connections that keep us all successful and productive.
Consider these statistics about our connected society to realize how important having the right cable and charger is:

  • 3 billion USB ports are shipped every year, making them the most popular type of peripheral connection technology by far.
  • 395 iPhones are sold every minute of every day.
  • 101 million people in America are iPhone users.
  • Standard, standard with ethernet, high speed, and high speed with ethernet are the four different types of HDMI cables.
  • The twist of the Ethernet cable prevents any currents and interference that might happen in the pairs, so all ethernet cables consist of four twisted pairs of wires.

Whether you are getting ready to unpack from a Labor Day weekend at the beach or you are starting the week moving an entire office to a new location, it will always be important to know where your charging cables and power cords are so that you can get back to the task at hand.
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