Can an SEO Expert Improve Your Business?


The website for your company has just one job: to provide enough relevant information so as to encourage visitors to buy a product or service. That straightforward task leaves two potential problems. One is getting people to visit the site. The second is having a superior website design. These seemingly simple problems can have the biggest impact on the success of your company. The reason why is simply that the customer will form an opinion about your business instantly, just from these two factors, so it depends on how well those two factors are executed.

Is There a Correlation Between Page Views Leading to Purchases?

An alarming 75% of internet searches end on the first page. This is when search engine optimization, or SEO for short, pays off. Their goal is to get your site on that first page. SEO experts understand what it takes to help a website get more views. Unlike other methods of internet marketing, SEO services rely on a method that feels natural to the average internet user. This is in part because about 70% of all page-view are organic, and because people typically do not like advertisements while they are on the web.

SEO experts are not going to change how your company does business. They simply bring more people to the website. Even when a first-time visitor does not make an immediate purchase, they are likely to come back. Studies have found that people who follow an SEO lead have a 14.6% close rate. While that number may seem low, it is much better than outbound leads such as print advertisements which only have a 1.7% close rate.

Why Does Web Design Matter?

Have you ever followed a link to a website and exited quickly because the layout was terrible? A poorly designed page can be displeasing to the eye, and make it difficult for visitors to find the information they need. Experienced website developers, like SEO experts, anticipate what your potential customers will be searching for, and are able to make it easier for them to find. A good layout will not have features that distract, such as a solid block of text from one side of the screen to the other or garish colors. Instead, information will be easy to find and clearly visible.

It has become necessary in today’s market for businesses to have an online presence. Smart companies know that it is a chance to reach customers on a different level. But that makes it is even more important to get things right. The right SEO experts can help a company bring in more page views, which has been shown to increase sales more efficiently than traditional newspaper adverting. Once you have the customer’s attention, it is time to make a good first impression. Taking care of these two points can really help your business.

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