An SEO-Friendly Website Can Increase Sales


In a very short time, digital marketing services and SEO tools have established themselves as highly effective forms of advertising. They outperform other types of marketing and advertising across all fronts: they are cost-effective, having the highest return on investment; they are very effective in reaching your target population, helping the customers who are looking for your products and services to find you; and they lead to increased website visits and sales. Statistics, business owners and Internet marketing experts all agree that the results speak for themselves.

Why does a brick and mortar store need Internet advertising?
Even if you have a real world, brick and mortar store, your customers live on the Internet. That’s where they work, socialize, shop, hang out and look for information. Including information for local businesses like yours. And the commonest way to find something on the Internet is to do a search for it, using an engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo or others.
So it doesn’t matter if your products and services have nothing to do with the Internet: establishing an effective online presence helps local customers find you. And when you add up motivated local customers with increased website and in-store visits, you can see your sales figures increase dramatically.

How does SEO affect my sales?
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a form of Internet marketing that helps you stand out in online searches. Business owners and digital marketing services experts find that having an SEO-optimized website actually produces results, by increasing traffic to your website. Increased website traffic means more inquiries in the form of phone calls and emails, and increased sales.
The statistics bear out these findings:

  • The two commonest online activities are searches and email. More than half or 56% of all mobile searches are looking for local businesses, their phone numbers and street addresses.
  • Fully half of the people doing online searches on a mobile device are looking for local businesses. And as many as 61% of all mobile searches for local businesses lead to a sale.
  • A study conducted by Outbrain found that online searches are the most important factor leading Internet users to visit a website.
  • SEO is the most effective form of advertising in terms of actual sales concluded. The close rate for SEO generated leads is 14.6%. More traditional, outbound leads using such methods as direct mail or print advertising are far behind with close rates as low as 1.7%.

How can I get help with SEO services?
SEO marketing is a rather arcane field, and best left to the specialists. Digital marketing services from a specialist agency can help your company stand out in the crowded world of online marketing.

As the advantages of digital marketing become apparent, more and more businesses are spending their advertising budget on search, display, social media, and email marketing. By 2019, it is estimated that marketers in the U.S. will spend more than $103 billion on digital advertising. So if you’re ready to join the digital world, a specialist SEO company can help you to establish a visible and effective online presence.

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