Advanced Strategies for Small Businesses Running SEO Branding Campaigns


While most small businesses are aware of the role that search engine optimization strategies play in their marketing campaigns, many remain unaware that SEO services must be combined with other website design features in order to be effective.

Some small businesses look to SEO advertising to increase customers’ awareness of their brands. While about one-third of marketers do report that using keyword-rich advertising is among their most effective branding strategies, they may not realize that their ads are being scored for quality, a measurement which affects ad placement on search engine result pages.

Online companies that host SEO advertising also evaluate the \”user-friendliness\” of companies’ websites. Website design that includes original text that is clearly related to the content of the advertisement will raise an ad’s \”quality score\” and positively impact the eventual rank and placement of the advertisement.

Since the vast majority of online queries start with a customer using a search engine to find relevant results, businesses that want to raise their company’s profile are advised to check the relevance and accessibility of their websites. Companies that provide a direct link to their websites in their advertisements are also granted a higher quality score by most online SEO advertising companies.

The addition of a few relevant links to any online advertisement could mean a higher conversion rate for interested shoppers who are considering a purchase. Companies that are just starting to advertise online may choose to include their phone number or a link to their website in order to raise their quality score.

Focusing on creating original website content can also improve a company’s search results and rates of conversion among new customers. Websites with interesting, relevant content are not only more interesting to the consumer, but they also help new firms stand out in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace.

Over half of all Americans have looked extensively online before purchasing a product or service, experts say, and when small businesses post original web content, it may be much easier to attract new customers. SEO marketing and website design upgrades can be effective branding strategies for companies that are looking for a wider audience.

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