How a Directional Boring Company Connected You to the Internet

This video depicts how a directional boring company provides services to drill holes in the ground to install underground utilities and structures and contributes to your internet connectivity. Directional boring companies operate in most countries around the world. They provide services for residential and commercial projects and industrial projects.

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Fiber optic cables provide high-speed internet, cable television, and telephone lines. Their installation involves sites in tight spaces, like walls of buildings or under the floor of a home. A directional boring company can help install these types of cables without causing damage to your home or business.

They use portable drilling machines powered by a motor mounted on wheels and stationary drilling machines mounted on a truck or trailer, also called drilling rigs. Most directional boring machines execute construction projects such as roadwork, fiber cable lines, and pipelines. The drill rotates to create a series of holes in the ground that connect to form a wellbore.

Directional drilling uses one hole at a time, usually starting at one end of a wellbore and working toward its opposite end.

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