5 Print Marketing Mistakes That Can Tank Your ROI


Print marketing isn’t dead — far from it. In fact, the rise of digital printing has made it more affordable than ever for even small businesses to employ print marketing techniques. But many small businesses make silly mistakes that cut into the payoff for their print marketing. Here are five you’ll definitely want to avoid:

  1. Not Hiring a Professional Printing Company

    It’s absolutely vital that you do your research and hire a professional printing company in your area, rather than trying to print in your office or order online. Working with a commercial printing company will open up options, give you much higher quality and probably even save you money in the long run.

  2. Not Contracting With a Graphic Designer

    Another major DIY-mentality mistake is trying to do your own design. If you don’t want your business to look amateur, then you design can’t look that way either. You can choose a printing company with in-house design services or hire a separate graphic designer, but either way you should budget for professional design.

  3. Not Doing Adequate Market Research

    There are some printing best practices you can adhere to, but the bottom line is you’ll need some good old-fashioned research to really tailor your approach to your target audience. Otherwise you’ll be going in blind, substantially cutting down your chance of a high return on investment.

  4. Not Looking Beyond Standard Media

    Fliers and postcards are a great start, but there are tons of custom printed items that you can consider as promotional gifts; ask your printing company for a list if you’re not sure where to start. Plus, you can look beyond traditional signs and banners when it comes to advertising. Find a printing company that offers vehicle and barricade wraps, for example, and you can turn wasted space into valuable branding.

  5. Not Following Up With First-Time Contacts

    Print marketing still has great returns, but you can’t expect to see a response with just one round. Especially if you’re dealing with a medium like direct mail, you have to remember that follow-up is key. So when you’re first setting up a budget with your printing company, make sure you’re including enough for a second mailing.

Do you have any other advice for small businesses looking to find a printing company and get started on print marketing projects? Join the discussion in the comments.

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