Why Businesses and Marketers are Turning to Digital Marketing

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With the rapid advance of online technology, digital marketing has become part of the business landscape. Even for real-world brick and mortar stores and companies, connecting with customers necessarily entails having a web presence. An effective web presence, with a web site, social media and blogs can be a highly effective marketing tool. For small to medium businesses with limited resources, an IT consulting firm can provide all online marketing services, from strategy to execution.

Digital marketing is here
Businesses and marketing agencies have taken to digital marketing in a big way, recognizing its potential. Around 93% of marketers use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote businesses. Likewise around 95% of small businesses say that they consider maintaining a regular blog on their website to be a valuable business tool.
There’s a good reason for this: at this time, Americans are more influenced by social media than any other factor. Nearly half or around 47% of Americans feel that their shopping choices are influenced by Facebook. Online reviews are another trusted source, since they are perceived to be independent and honest.

The results speak for themselves
Marketing firms have found that the results of digital marketing speak for themselves. As many as 70% feel that blogging has improved brand awareness among customers. Content marketing, which attempts to educate the viewer about products and services, unlike traditional advertising which tries to persuade them, is a highly effective strategy. It can lead to a 2000% increase in online traffic.
Customers no longer trust ads, especially online ads. Researchers have found that 70 to 80% of internet users will just ignore the paid and sponsored ads they see online. Content marketing is a more reliable and trustworthy source of information about the products and services that are available.

Digital marketing is cost effective
Compared to traditional outbound leads, inbound leads like SEO have a much higher close rate, at 14.6% as compared to 1.7%. Digital marketing is also highly cost effective, reaching a much larger audience for a smaller outlay.
For many small businesses, it makes more sense to have marketing firms handle all their digital marketing, rather than hiring new staff or trying to do all it themselves. IT consulting services can provide the full range of online services, from marketing to computer repair and online security.

For all of these reasons and more, businesses and marketers alike are turning to digital marketing to connect with consumers. It enables them to provide reliable, useful information that can help customers make better decisions.

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