How to Double Your Law Firm Traffic Using SEO

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. What is SEO for law firms? According to the narrator in the video, if a law firm’s site has excellent SEO rankings, it will rank high on Google, typically on the first or second page when prospective clients search the keywords on the website. The highest ranking keywords are location and practice area specific. Therefore, how can law firms double their traffic using search engine optimization?

One of the best ways for law firms to double their traffic using SEO is via Google Maps optimization.

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To do this, law firms should sign up for Google My Business and fill out the profile, including all the niche areas they cover. Law firms should also ensure they’re correctly categorized on Google My Business; within the area they’re marketing.

The second way law firms can double their traffic using SEO is by ensuring their websites are correctly indexed and read by Google. Some of the ways to do this include ensuring their websites have HTTP certificates, optimizing web and mobile load speeds, etc.

The third way law firms can double their traffic using SEO is by ensuring the content on their sites is helpful to prospective clients; it should properly address their needs.


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