Top 4 Questions for Choosing Electronic Enclosures

This video offers guidelines for the types of enclosures available and choosing the right one for your needs. Small electronic enclosures come in various styles and are usually made from metal or plastic. They come with pre-drilled holes for mounting screws to help protect your electrical components from dust and dirt.

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The electronic enclosure you choose for your product will significantly impact its safety, reliability, and performance. Electronic enclosures are devices that protect and secure the electrical components it houses.

There are four questions that you should ask to help you in choosing an electronic enclosure. You may ask about what kind of electronic equipment the small electronic enclosure houses and where you will store them. Other questions include the durability of the small electronic enclosure and where to keep the devices and their components.

Two main factors determine the enclosure size: the size of the circuit board and the number of components mounted on it. Any extra components or protrusions from the board, such as input/output connectors, mounting hardware, or other peripherals, will also add to the overall size. The number of devices you need to enclose will significantly impact the type of enclosure you choose.

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