Process of Making a Custom Engagement Ring

The person in this video discusses stepping outside of the traditional gold and silver bands to create custom jewelry. She discusses how the process works for individuals who may be interested in making some custom jewelry for someone.

The first thing the creator does when someone asks for something is sketch the idea to see if the drawing matches the prospective client’s verbalization of his or her vision.

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If the answer is yes, the project moves forward to the second phase, which is creating a 3D image of the jewelry. If those images also meet the client’s needs, the custom fabrication part of the process can start.

Once the individual casts the gold, the next step is cutting the gates off and then filing them down smoothly. Cleaning and polishing is the next step. Preparing the gems is the next step and then setting the stones into the piece. The last steps involve setting the stones and perfecting everything so that the client has a wonderful custom project. The speaker shows a lot of images and goes into great detail so that everyone knows how intricate the process of making custom jewelry is and how important it is to the world.

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