Understanding the C14 Power Cord

The YouTube video below shows us how a C14 power cord secure sleeve adapter works! But what is a C14 power cord and what purposes does it have?

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When it comes to any power cord, the “C” is a representation of the code standard for connectors, particularly made by IEC 60320. The connector types are specified by different combinations of temperature, current, and voltage.


When it comes to IEC C14 to C13 cords, this type of by far the most popular, as they often power equipment in data center server racks. The second most popular is the C20 to C19 cords alongside C14 to C15 cords.

C14 power cords are often referred to as Jumper Cords, too. C14 to C13 cords are often used to connect server and network equipment power supplies by using PDUs or power strips. Many manufacturers will have a variety of C14/C13 power cords available for purchase, too. Many amperage ratings, different colors, lengths, and jacket styles may be available so that you can customize the C14 power cords you’d like to purchase!

If you’re looking to order your very own C14 to C13 cords for your business or industrial setting, reach out to a trustworthy company that’ll provide you with quality products and excellent customer service!

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