What Is Compliance Training?

In the Audiopedia video, the topic of What Is Compliance Training? is discussed and illuminated. As it turns out, compliance training addresses workplace health and safety, privacy and security, conduct, corporate standards, and financial services. Compliance training aims to create an ethical, safe, and respectable workplace for employees.

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There are many different areas where a business or company can offer compliance training. Diversity and Inclusion training might be appropriate for a company with a diverse workforce. A company that has a large telemarketing staff with employees from different ethnic groups might offer this training course, for instance. Conflict Resolution Training might be offered in companies that have unions and deal with legal issues. Overall, there are many different types of compliance training and the one your workplace needs will be different from other industries.

Many companies offer Safety Training that deals with using equipment safely. Employees are trained on how to operate machines safely, wear gloves, safety glasses, and sometimes wear special uniforms. These courses might involve sanitation or cleaning, social distancing, and other protocols to prevent infectious illness. Many courses are offered online via videos and use online quizzes or tests to grant certification to individuals. Some training courses are in-person, held at the company or another location.

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