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Taking Care of Business Point of Sale Systems

Businesses, especially small ones, have a lot on their plates these days. Marketing, advertising, and distribution have all seen major changes in the past decade due to the rise of the internet. While new technology has presented new challenges for

Four Reasons Why Your Company can Benefit From UX Research

User Experience or UX is a popular term commonly used in the computer design industry. The definition of UX is basically the experience a user gets from using a product. UX encompasses every aspect of the end user. This includes

5 Tips for Buying the Best Digital Camera

People have more ways to share photos than ever before. On the popular social media site Facebook, users have uploaded more than 250 billions photos. And an estimated 350 million new photos are added daily. That’s just on one internet

How Safe is the Cloud?

The term ‘the cloud” has been in public usage for the last couple of years. So, what is it, exactly? The cloud is defined by services and software that store the necessary data needed to run on your computer, on